Born   in   Zagreb,   Croatia,   Ivan   A.   Tomicic   was   raised   in   the   shadow   of Grand   Masters.   His   education   includes   the   University   of   Zagreb   ( Master   of   Fine Arts )    and    College    of    Applied    Arts    ( Bachelors    Degree    of    Applied    Arts ).    Now    a resident   of   Maui,   Hawaii,   Ivan   is   fully   devoted   to   further   creation   of   fine   art. A   disciplined   passion   directs   his   talent   resulting   in   artistic   expressions that   span   art   forms   with   nuanced   skill.   A   master   of   mediums,   Ivan   applies   finely- tuned   skills   to   two   principal   techniques,   oil   and   water   color. "Oils   are   rich   instruments.   Like   the   instruments   of   an   orchestra,   you   can   use one    in    a    solo    performance    or    all    in    a    symphony    of    color,"     says    Tomicic.    A meticulous   composer,   Ivan   scores   his   work   in   precise,   measured   strokes.   Ivan's Million   Dollar   View   From   Balcony   of   My   Neighbor   on   Maui    typifies   a   sharp   eye   for the   ironic:   his   portraiture   suggests   depth   of   character   and   a   certain   poetic, earthy   wisdom   and   occasional   worldly   weariness. If   oils   are   an   orchestra   then   watercolors   -   says   Tomicic   -   are   the   classical guitars   or   a   blues   harmonica.   Lighter   and   more   vibrant,   Ivan's   brush   and   palette partner   in   joyful   dance   on   a   canvas   floor. Legends   of   America's   western   frontier   are   a   favorite   subject.   "I   was   raised on   Westerns",   says   Ivan.   "Its   freedom   and   wild   expanse   captured   my   imagination as   a   child   and   continues   to   do   so   as   a   grown   man" . Ivan's   watercolor   series,   The   Forgotten   West ,   pays   tribute   to   people   and places   long   gone.   He   illustrates   this   era   with   mythic   wonder.   Bison   Run    is   a powerful   depiction   of   his   gasp   of   nature   in   all   of   its   raw   beauty.   Breaking   from   a herd   lost   in   the   dusty   past   two   buffalo   charge   the   viewer,   unwilling   to   relinquish their   noble   presence. Guys   Riding   Home    portrays   the   cowboys   as   delineated   in   a   Zane   Grey novel.     Anxious     mounts,     these     outriders     of     our     cultural     heritage     seem invigorated   by   the   prospect   of   a   hot   meal   and   a   warm   blanket   under   a   canopy   of stars. One   doesn't   need   a   degree   in   art   to   fully   appreciate   the   work   of   Ivan   A. Tomicic.    His    experience    in    film    and    animation    (he    produced    and    directed numerous,   award-winning   animation   shorts)   instills   both   sensitivity   and   vibrant power   to   his   work.   The   nature   of   his   art   indicates   a   rich   and   fulfilling   personal life.   Private   pilot,   Ivan's   palette   is   continually   refreshed   by   aerial   vistas   of   Maui's incredible topography.
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